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FitroFlow was founded by Tanya Thompson who is also the Founder of Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement ® and FitroFlow will redefine your at-home exercise experience with your Personal FitroFlow instructor. We are passionate about keeping you moving within the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you may be.

Exercise Fusion lies at the forefront of each FitroFlow class as we combine all the modalities of Pilates, Personal Training, Functional Training, Yoga and Flexibility training as required. This is an amazing movement and exercise experience like no other and is bound to get you addicted to Quality Exercise!

Let us guide you to move better and to train safely and effectively in order to reach your goals

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Do you feel lost in your exercise regime? Maybe you do not know where to start? Maybe you are bored with what you are doing at the moment? Maybe your instructor is not present during your classes? Maybe you do not have time to get to a studio or gym? Either way, you know you NEED MORE! You need an instructor to really FOCUS ON YOUR NEEDS at a time that suits YOU in the comfort of your home, office, garden, beach or where ever you want to train on that day.

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FitroFlow and Pilates Unlimited is dedicated to bringing you amazing at-home exercise classes that will keep you fit and healthy without having to travel anywhere. Tired of missing your exercise classes at the Gym, Park or Pilates Studio due to traffic or time constraints?

Join any of our online classes with our qualified professionals from anywhere in the world.

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Obtain functional joint health & Longevity through our specific programs.


Spine, shoulders, hips, knees, relaxation and more. Purchase our home programs to keep your joints healthy.

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