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Redefine your at-home exercise experience

FitroFlow will redefine your at-home exercise experience with your Personal FitroFlow instructor.

We are partnered with 7 international companies to bring quality exercise to the globe. Our instructors are known for being passionate, innovative and highly qualified within the field of Movement & Exercise.

Passionate, Innovative and Highly Qualified

Tanya Thompson founded FitroFlow, Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement and Of-CourseOnline.com. Her companies have over 200 000 hours of experience of working with clients to assist them in exercising to stay healthy and fit for their mind, body and soul.

Tanya Thompson

I have always been passionate about movement, anatomy, science and the skill of teaching and how these 4 elements merge to create an art. Hence the birth of my first company, Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement™ established 2002.

My objective is for the public to gain valuable, client specific exercise classes in the comfort of their own space, through a platform that is user friendly, inspiring and that has their best interest at heart.

Guiding Our Clients

With my tertiary qualifications in professional dance (Ballet, Contemporary, Spanish & Jazz), studies that I have conducted, my experience as a Pilates Instructor and Group Fitness Instructor as well as working for over 20 years with other Health Care Professionals, I have developed & presented specialized movement & rehabilitation courses to assist health care professionals and other movement professionals in their rehabilitation or training programs. 

We aim to guide our clients and students in reaching their desired goals. Understanding the Musculoskeletal system in movement on a client specific level, enables a Professional to lead their clients effectively towards their goals with Longevity in mind.

My passion for excellent quality teaching and education inspired the birth of my second company, Of-CourseOnline.com, which currently has members in over 45 countries with 7 International Movement Education Partners. My third company, FitroFlow is here to bring quality online exercise classes to everyone. We redefine online exercise classes by merging science, anatomy, the skill of teaching and the feeling of movement into each and every class.

Our Clientele

We are able to accommodate everyone i.e. Sportsmen/women, the fit, the unfit, the strong, the weak, the elderly, the young, pregnant clients, clients post injury, clients who require functional training, clients who have lived a sedentary lifestyle and are ready to start moving and anyone who wishes to take care of their body and mind through movement and exercise!

Our FitroFlow instructors can tailor programs to your specific needs and goals taking all of your past injuries and ailments into account.

Why join Fitroflow?

State Of The Art Online Video Classes

If you are looking for YOUR Personal Exercise Instructor who is focused on helping you achieve your goals, then our FitroFlow instructors are a perfect match for you.

Whether you want to tone, get stronger, increase flexibility, relax, work harder in your exercise classes, cross-train for a specific sport, strengthen after injury recovery, move easier during the day or just keep mobile, we have exactly what you need.

Our instructors have gone through rigorous training through our sister companies www.of-courseonline.com & Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement. Their work is based on merging science, movement, biomechanics and the feeling of movement into each and every class. They are able to modify classes according to your needs and they have the amazing ability to ‘think on their feet’ according to the feedback that you give them during your class.

Your classes are carefully designed based on your INITIAL CLIENT ASSESSMENT CLASS. Your restrictions, strengths, weaknesses and needs are taken into account for every class and let us not forget the reason why you are exercising.
The FitroFlow instructors love Movement Fusion and therefore, each class will bring in a variety of exercises that focuses on strengthening, stretching, free movement, functional training and relaxation. At FitroFlow we encourage our instructors to ‘think out of the box’, be present and guide your towards better, safer yet effective movement and exercise.

It is an all encompassing approach to bring AMAZING EXERCISE RIGHT TO YOU! Let us start this journey TOGETHER... we are your MOVEMENT DOCTORS!

Our Instructors

FitroFlow has gone out to find the Best of the Best in Pilates, Personal Training, Yoga, Functional training and more. Our instructors are not afraid to think out of the box and create a class that is 100% client specific for you. They are qualified in their field but they take teaching to the next level because FitroFlow encourages them to merge different modalities of training in their classes.

The FitroFlow instructors are passionate, inspiring and motivating which is exactly what you need when you have decided to start a new exercise regime. Our instructors are also exposed to THE BEST continuing education through our Of-CourseOnline.com platform, keeping them inspired to deliver amazing classes to you. They believe in MOVEMENT FUSION in order to bring the very best exercise classes right into your home. With our founding instructors in South Africa, we are expanding to instructors from all over the world. What an experience it is to train with an instructor form another country. Diversity lies at the heart of FitroFlow.


Growing up as a dancer, I always loved the way the body moves and what it could do. I never even thought to stop and think, WHY it moves the way it does, until now.

When I left High School at the end of 2017, the first thing I told myself was that I wanted to do something with my life that I would enjoy and that could help other people. Because I've always had a love for health and fitness, I began searching for something in that line. That is how I arrived at Pilates Unlimited. I started by doing both the Mat and then the Equipment course early in 2018. This opened my mind to a whole new world of anatomy and how the body ACTUALLY works. Thus making me work hard through my theory and practical hours.

Now in 2019, I am starting my journey as a Pilates Instructor at the amazing place where it all started. I am looking forward to see what the future has in store for me here. It can only be amazing.

Carli Miessner

Being an avid dancer throughout my life, sparked my interest and appreciation for the art of human movement and the body's capabilities. After matriculating (2013), I went to study and graduated in BSc Sport Sciences in 2017, which for the first time, fell under the faculty of Health Sciences, which meant a greater focus on Human Movement sciences and Biokinetics. I then completed an online Pilates Instructors course (NESTA certified) after which I did some freelancing Pilates classes.

When I met Tanya in 2019, she gave me the opportunity to start pursuing a more serious career within this field. Ever since doing the Comprehensive Pilates Instructors Course at Pilates Unlimited, I am able to more effectively apply the theory I studied within my degree to my Pilates sessions. The practical experience I have gained so far has deepened my understanding of kinetic precision and the therapeutic application thereof to help others. I continue to further my expertise within the field of movement and rehabilitation by carrying on with the continuing education courses that Tanya's Of-CourseOnline has to offer.

Since I started working at Pilates Unlimited in August 2019, I have remained driven to improve as a professional, in order to become the best movement specialist I could possibly be.